Molecular motifs

The ASBMB bio art contest.

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Submission deadline: Aug. 1

Help us celebrate the beauty of biochemistry and molecular biology by submitting your artwork to the ASBMB molecular motifs contest!

Submissions may include:

  • Photographs (fluorescence microscopy, cells, photos of 3D artworks etc.)
  • Molecular visualizations 
  • Data visualizations
  • Biomedical illustrations

This contest is open to ASBMB members of any type. Entrants must be ASBMB members at the time of submission. Our favorite submissions will win a prize — there'll also be a separate prize for submissions from Student Chapters!

Submission guidelines

Submit your artwork by Aug. 1 as a high resolution file (300 dpi) in the following formats: TIF, JPG or PNG. Final artwork size should be at least 3300 x 2550 pixels (11 x 8.5 inches).

Terms and conditions

  • The submitter(s) must hold the copyright to the submitted image. The ASBMB is not responsible for legal claims related to the improper submission of works belonging to other individuals or organizations.
  • Images and videos must not be of a patient or human research subject, but may be of human cells.
  • PDB files may be used as the basis of an artwork as long as the original file is cited.
  • Images, illustrations or videos advertising or marketing specific companies or commercial products are ineligible.
  • All entrants grant the ASBMB the ability to modify entries for future use and display, and also nonexclusive web and print publication rights, while retaining copyright.
  • Selection of contest winners is at the sole discretion of the ASBMB.
  • Submission of an image or video indicates that an entrant agrees to all the terms and conditions listed above.

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motif n.

biochemistry: a distinctive, usually recurrent, molecular sequence (as of amino acids or base pairs) or structural element (as of secondary protein structures)

art: A recurring or dominant element in a work of art