Member spotlight: Olivia George

is an assistant professor at the University of Hawai‘i–West O‘ahu. She is a member of the ASBMB Public Affairs Advisory Committee.

What is your research focus?

“Understanding the mechanisms of microtubule disruption in dividing cells.”

What is the broader impact of your work?

“Understanding the processes behind cancer onset, growth and spread in the human body.”

How has being a member of the ASBMB helped you along the way?

“Since joining ASBMB PAAC, I have been able to extend my network by meeting and connecting with colleagues from other institutions to take on issues and to help advocate for science funding and policy on Capitol Hill. I never thought I would be involved in science policy but I have gained a passion to become a part of a community of scientists who value curiosity, discovery and evidence to inspire the next generation of scientists.”

What are you watching/reading outside the lab/work?

“I enjoy comedy shows to decrease my anxiety levels and I consistently watch the following: "Reservation Dogs", "Derry Girls", "Bob's Burgers, "What We Do in the Shadows" and "The IT Crowd".”

What music or podcasts have you been enjoying lately?

“I do like a mixture, but I listen to the following weekly: "This Podcast Will Kill You", "Timesuck with Dan Cummins", "How Did This Get Made", "My Favorite Murder" and "Tenfold more Wicked".”

What have you learned from your work that applies to the rest of your life?

“Independence is good and shows resilience, but building a community — whether it's friends, colleagues or family — is much more rewarding and provides a foundation to succeed. If one of us succeeds, so do all of us.”

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