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Propose an event

The ASBMB provides a variety of opportunities for its members to bring people together, both virtually and in person, to share their research, make connections and cultivate the scientific community. The ASBMB will help you bring your event — whether it's a webinar, a networking get-together, or a multiday conference — to fruition.

Science conferences and webinars

Scientific events can be in person or virtual. The duration may vary depending on the content offered. Domestic and international locations may be considered for in-person events. The society can arrange anything from a one-hour webinar to a multiday meeting.

Those interested in organizing an in-person conference should submit their proposal at least 18 months prior to the proposed event date. The ASBMB handles site selection, logistics and the conference website, and it markets the event to tens of thousands of contacts. Proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and organizers will be notified of a decision within four to six weeks. The ASBMB will provide organizer guidelines upon proposal approval.

For virtual events, the ASBMB will manage the virtual platform and all technical aspects, market the event to tens of thousands of contacts and present the event live to a remote audience. Additional tools may be used to facilitate maximum engagement. Organizers should submit their proposal at least six months prior to a proposed multiday virtual event and at least three months prior to a proposed webinar (event lasting fewer than two hours). Organizers will be notified of a decision within four to six weeks of proposal receipt. The ASBMB will provide organizer guidelines upon proposal approval.

Review proposal criteria

Organizer eligibility

  • Organizers must be current ASBMB members in good standing. The primary organizer must be a regular or industry member. Co-organizers may be regular, industry, early-career or emeritus members.
  • There must be at least two, and no more than three, organizers.
  • The primary organizer is the main point of contact for the ASBMB office.
  • Organizer CVs must be included with the completed proposal.
  • Organizers of a previously run event must complete/submit a new proposal for each subsequent event.

Evaluation criteria

The ASBMB Meetings Committee reviews all applications. Below is a list of criteria to help guide your proposal preparation. Meeting the criteria listed below is not a guarantee of approval.

  • Does the proposed conference provide a specific description of the aspects that the proposed topic will cover, including a clearly defined target audience?
  • Does the proposed conference address a topic in an emerging area that is of interest to the ASBMB membership and larger BMB community?
  • Are the sessions well balanced and logically planned to address critical topics in the area?
  • Have the organizers provided a diversified list of potential invited speakers who can effectively address the proposed topic(s)?
  • Will the speakers present new research?
  • Does each session show a balance of invited speakers and slots reserved for talks selected from volunteered abstracts as well as junior and historically marginalized scientists?
  • Has the proposal identified a target fundraising goal along with a list of grants for which to apply and sponsors?

Decision notification and event guidelines

  • Organizers will be notified of a decision within four to six of submission.
  • Upon approval of the proposal, organizers will receive an agreement letter to sign along with a comprehensive set of guidelines outlining the roles of the ASBMB and organizers throughout the planning process.
  • The ASBMB will prepare a conference budget to cover the venue requirements, speaker travel expenses and other costs associated with the conference.
  • The ASBMB will set the registration fees to recover all expenses associated with the conference.
  • The ASBMB will guide the planning process and provide full management services, including accounting, site selection, logistics (pre-planning and onsite), conference website, registration and abstract portals, marketing and communications.

If you have any questions, please contact meetings@asbmb.org.

Learn about virtual event formats

Below are a few common formats for ASBMB virtual events:


Virtual conferences are usually four to six hours per day and can take place over one or several days and offer a mix of lectures, seminars, workshops, Q&A, panel discussions and poster sessions. Other features such as instant messaging, meetups, discussion boards and breakout rooms may be utilized to foster engagement and networking.


Virtual workshops provide attendees with in-depth how-to guidance. They usually last a few hours and can take place over one or several days. Additional features are available to foster learning and discussion.


Webinars are typically one to two hours long and feature presentations by experts and question-and-answer sessions. Depending on the length of each speaker’s talk, a panel discussion or other activity can be built in to foster further discussion.

Networking events

The ASBMB offers grants up to $500 to assist members in hosting networking events. The goal of this program is to provide opportunities for molecular life scientists from academia, industry and government to come together and build community.

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