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Molecular & Cellular Proteomics is Gold Open Access

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Molecular & Cellular Proteomics is a monthly journal that seeks to foster the development and applications of proteomics in basic and translational research. MCP publishes biological or clinical discoveries underpinned by proteomic observations, and also emphasizes technological advances and innovative computational methods.

MCP leads the field in setting standards to promote reproducibility in proteomics research. The editorial board, in consultation with field-leading experts, has developed guidelines for data deposition and methodological description in these areas:

  • Protein identification
  • Clinical proteomics
  • Glycoprotein identification
  • Targeted proteomics
  • Data-independent acquisition


MCP publishes both fundamental studies in biology that provide mechanistic insights, including integrative -omics studies; and technical papers describing novel experimental and computational technologies. .

The journal publishes several themed issues every year. Past themes have included clinical proteomics, biomarker discovery, chromatin biology and epigenetics. .


For authors

MCP's missions is to help scientists disseminate their findings in the most visible and effective way while also safeguarding research and ensuring reproducibility. We do this by providing tutorials to ensure guidelines are met, offering thorough editorial feedback on manuscript text and promoting papers after publication.


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Associate Editor Spotlight
Pierre Thibault

“I’ve regularly contributed papers to this journal since its inception, so MCP has always occupied a very special place in my scientific life. To me, MCP represents the flagship journal in the proteomics community.”