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Advertising with the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is an effective way to reach decision-makers in academic and industrial labs.

Advertising options


ASBMB journals are among the most-cited and respected journals in the field of experimental biology.

  • — When you advertise in the JBC, you will reach an audience of scientists working in a broad spectrum of research fields related to biochemistry and molecular biology.
  • — Advertising in the JLR will expand your reach to a broad range of researchers investigating the role of lipids in disease and their clinical and nutritional implications, their mechanisms, and the genetics of lipid metabolism.
  • — When you advertise in MCP, you will reach an audience of scientists working on computational analyses, proteomic equipment and reagents, and sample preparation tools.

News magazine

ASBMB Today is the award-winning news magazine published by the ASBMB. Reach all ASBMB members and more via daily online articles, weekly emails and quarterly print editions.

Other advertising opportunities

  • Sponsor an event
  • Advertise your job openings
  • Sponsor awards, virtual events, giveaways and more.


Media kit

Download the ASBMB media kit for details of all the advertising and sponsorship opportunities we offer.