Science outreach and communication

The ASBMB organizes science communication and outreach activities and develops tools, resources and opportunities for members to improve their science communication and public engagement skills. These efforts are spearheaded by the Science Outreach and Communication Committee.

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Are you doing science outreach in your community? Are you running your own science café or creating a program that you know will make an impact and want to share it? We want to know about it!

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Sensational SciFest

In an interview with Adriana Norris, Parmvir Bahia talks about her career in science outreach and the challenges and successes of a recent project designed to put the needs of sensory sensitive kids first.

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The Art of Science Communication

An online course that provides fundamental training in science communication.


Science Outreach and Communication Grant

A memberwide grant to encourage new or existing science outreach and communication activities.


Student Chapter Outreach Grant

Funding for outreach activities in addition to exclusive access to expertise and resources from the Science Outreach and Communication Committee.


ASBMB Science Fair Award

Recognizes outstanding achievement in biochemistry and molecular biology research by a middle or high school science student


Science in a Flash

Learn about the ASBMB's flash talk competition and find resources to help organize your own event.

Adriana Norris interviews members about their science outreach and communication projects.

Science outreach and communication news
Meet the 2024 SOC grant awardees

These five science outreach and communication projects each receive up to $1,000 from the ASBMB to help promote the understanding of life at a molecular level.

Celebrating science and community in San Antonio

The ASBMB Science Outreach and Communication Committee hosted local high school students for a day of interactions and activities with scientists.

Meet Parmvir Bahia

The neuroscientist is a science communicator and leads an outreach nonprofit.

Building a chapter through community

Olivia Miller sought to balance fun, education and outreach in student chapter activities at Otterbein University.

Saying yes to a community of communicators

Susanna Greer, a 2022 ASBMB fellow, describes her journey to engaging deeply with, and caring about, the society.

Inspiring the next generation of scientists

Seattle-area high school students will be the Science Outreach and Communication Committee’s guests of honor on Community Day at Discover BMB.

Equity, diversity and inclusion: The hidden toll of community outreach

Caught in a system eager for success stories, a PhD student from an underrepresented background learns how to balance his challenges in the lab with his desire to serve his community.

Volunteers needed to raise the visibility of science

An interview with Dan Barry, director of local and state advocacy for AAAS, about the Local Science Engagement Network — and how you can get involved

Debunking misinformation about your science

Debunking misinformation about your science

John Cook, founder of Skeptical Science website, discusses debunking strategies for misinformation that occurs within biochemistry and molecular biology topics. More

Science in a Flash: How to give a successful flash talk

Science in a Flash: How to give a successful flash talk

If you had just one figure, three minutes and a microphone to describe your research — could you do it? More