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#DiscoverBMB Travel Awards

The ASBMB's travel awards provide financial assistance to first authors presenting their work at #DiscoverBMB, the society's annual meeting. We offer supporting early-career faculty, graduate students and postdocs, Student Chapters and undergraduate faculty as well as a dependent-care award.

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Marion B. Sewer Distinguished Scholarship for Undergraduates

The Marion B. Sewer Distinguished Scholarship for Undergraduates offers financial support to students who will one way or another diversify the scientific workforce. Each year, the society awards five $2,000 awards to outstanding undergraduates. We’d like to double the number of scholarships we issue beginning in 2021.

The scholarship is named after the late Marion Sewer, Ph.D., a leader in the field of steroid hormone biosynthesis at the University of California, San Diego. Dr. Sewer also was deputy chair of the ASBMB Minority Affairs Committee. She was just 43 years old when she died suddenly while traveling.

Dr. Sewer wrote an article for our member magazine, ASBMB Today, in 2016 about how to make science more inclusive and how to retain talented students and scientists of color. She emphasized “the critical importance of a multipronged approach.” We have used Dr. Sewer’s article, published posthumously, as an informal roadmap. We have acted on several of her suggestions, most recently developing a federally funded program for URM graduate students and postdocs. But there’s still much more for us to do.

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ASBMB General Fund

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