ASBMB Ruth Kirschstein Diversity in Science Award

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The Ruth Kirschstein Diversity in Science Award was established to honor an outstanding scientist who has shown evidence of a sustained commitment to breaking down local and/or systemic barriers against scientists and students from historically marginalized or excluded groups. The awardee should demonstrate a sustained commitment to the encouragement of scientists from historically marginalized or excluded groups to enter the scientific enterprise and/or to the effective mentorship of those within it.

was a pathologist and the first woman to be appointed director of an institute at the National Institutes of Health. She was committed to championing causes that nobody else would touch, including the emerging AIDS epidemic, for which she secured funding and mobilized a team of NIH researchers to further investigate the disease. Dr. Kirschstein demonstrated passion in supporting students from historically marginalized backgrounds by cultivating the Minority Access to Research Careers Awards in 1975, now named the which have supported many diverse undergraduate students in their pursuit of higher degrees. Reflecting on her commitment to diversity, Dr. Kirschstein once said, “If you have a population of leaders who are all men, they are never going to think of women. They are never going to think of minorities. They are only going to think of people like themselves.”

The award consists of a plaque, $3,000 and travel expenses to present a lecture at the ASBMB annual meeting. The awardee should discuss their scientific achievements and contributions to diversity, equity and inclusion during the award lecture. The recipient will be chosen by the ASBMB Maximizing Access Committee.


Shana Stoddard


  • Shana Stoddard
Squire Booker


  • Squire Booker
Tracy Johnson


  • Tracy Johnson

Lizabeth Allison


  • Lizabeth Allison

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Jorge Torres


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Andrew Tsin


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Douglas Robinson


  • Douglas Robinson

Avery August


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JoAnn Trejo


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Freeman A. Hrabowski
Michael Summers


  • Freeman A. Hrabowski & Michael Summers
Peter Blumberg


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Lovell A. Jones


  • Lovell A. Jones
Arthur Gutierrez–Hartmann


  • Arthur Gutierrez–Hartmann